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Prodigal Daughter

Precious Savior, Lord of all Back to You on knees I crawl. Humbled as I find my way, and at your feet my soul I lay. I traveled far without a care; and the devil took me at unawares. He carried me to the depths of hell, amd the love of Christ, in me he quelled. But Jesus now my soul I bring, that finally my heart can sing, of open arms and tears of joy, and that precious love in which we rejoice. I've made my way back to You, and to the love that I once knew. To arms not crossed, but open wide, I climbed and on Your shoulder cried. I have nothing that I can give, I've spent it all with the life I've lived. I went out to the world to have some fun, refusing, neglecting, rejecting Your Son. With one small act, I could have lost it all, Lost the anointing, the promise and call. I ran out of status and to the hogpen I fled, Not really caring about the blood that You shed. I fed on the garbage they gave them each day, realizing finally, that Christ alone was my Way. So back to my Father with shame and reproach, I tread the long road, scared to approach. The anointing surely He's taken from me, But maybe He'll have something lesser for me. Afraid of His wrath and His sad frown, I approached Him and cried, "Lord, just forget the crown! I don't deserve it, so condemn me now." But Christ just smiled, "remember My vow?" "God it's annuled, I've failed you too much, I've lost Your hand and Your precious touch. It's no use to use me again, Look what I've done and see where I've been." "Child, I love you and My promises I keep, I cannot lie to My dear sheep. I promised I'd use you and now I can, You've returned to the fold to fulfill my plan." So precious Savior, once again, I accept the love towards me You send. I'll take on the cross and bear it with Thee, for the blood that you poured out so lovingly. Becky Nichols (2004)

Becky, I know I've read this before but it still has the same impact everytime I read it. It's beautiful and so well written. Don't ever stop using your gifts for the Lord.

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