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Making it

Life hurts. Plain and simple. There are so many things that we must face from day to day, and each day we feel their sharp sting. There’ve been so many nights that I’ve cried myself to sleep, just wanting the pain to end. There have been so many tears that have fallen unseen and hours of loneliness where my only prayer was for God to take me away. I could give up. I could throw in the towel and walk away. I could throw up my hands and cry “That’s it! God, I can’t take any more of this!” But I can’t. Something pushes me on. I hear His soft whisper “Becky, keep going.” I must go on because I love Him. I must go on because others need to know His love. With so many others out there, crouched in lonely corners with there broken hearts and wounded spirits, I must go on. I can’t give it up. I have to make it through. There are so many others that need hope. How will they ever make it if they can’t see any hope tucked away in us? We can give nothing if we have nothing to offer. I don’t want that to be my story. I want to live a life of hope. I want others to look and see the promise of Jesus tucked inside of me and rooted deep within. I want them to know the Savior can take them through. I’m His child. If I don’t make it how do I show them the way? Yeah, life hurts. I know. But I’m encouraged by the promise that He’ll never take me through more than I can endure, and I’m determined for the rest of them, so… I will go on.Tags: , , -Becky Nichols

So true- we don't need a platform, stage or pulpit but only our lives in Christ to show the lost that there is hope.

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